Bottled Beers

Bottled Beers & Ciders at the Jolly Butchers

We have a vast selection of bottled beers available at any one time. The list below will give you an idea of what you can expect, and is itself just a sample of the bottled beers we serve. We change these often so please check up to date menu on your visit.


Boon, Geuze

37.5cl, 7.0% 37.5cl

Rouge / Blanc / Bleu 7% / 8% / 9%, 33cl
Delirium Tremens

Red, 33cl, 8.5%
Duchesse de Bourgogne

33cl, 6%
La Chouffe, Blonde

33cl, 8%
Lindemans Peche

Cassis, Kriek, 2.5%, 3.5%, 3.5%, 37.5cl
Kwak, Amber

33cl, 8%
Rodenbach,Grand Cru

33cl, 6%
Saison Dupont

33cl, 6.5%
Trappistes Rochefort 10

33cl, 11.3%
Tripel Karmeliet

33cl, 8.4%
Orval, Trappist Beer

33cl, 6.2%
Vedett Extra Blond

33cl, 5.2%

Weisse, 50cl, 5.5%
Augustiner, Lagerbier Hell

50cl, 5.2%
Lucky Saint, Helles, Germany

33cl, 0.5%
Rothaus, Tannenzapfle

Pills, 33cl, 0.5%
Big drop, Citra IPA

England, 0.5%
Maisels Weisse, Wheat beer

Germany, 0.4%


Thistly Cross, Original

Ginger, Strawberry, Elderflower 50cl, 4%
Umbrella Brewing

Alcoholic Ginger Beer, 33cl, 5%
Sxollie Craft Cider

Granny Smith / Golden Delicious, 33cl, 4.5%
Pilton Cider

Tamoshanta, 75cl, 4.7% (For sharing)
Starvecrow, Natural Cider

75cl, 7.0% (For Sharing)

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